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Operating Room of the Future (FOR)

Trondheim is the first university hospital in Norway completely integrating patient treatment, research and teaching.

St. Olavs Hospital and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, are forerunners in developing an integrated university clinic by joining university and hospital. Research and teaching is a natural part of the integrated hospital activity. The students face patients from day one, and take part in an attractive and integrated learning environment. In the new buildings, researchers, students and health care providers work side by side. This provides for a close cooperation between clinical and basic research and makes the “Trondheim Model” unique both nationally and internationally.


The ”Operating Room of the Future” (FOR) is a collaboration project between St. Olavs Hospital, University Hospital of Trondheim and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

FOR is an arena for research and development which includes six operating rooms, one for each operating clinic. The operating rooms are unique “laboratories” made for the development, testing and clinical implementation of new technology and new treatment modalities.

The most important goal for FOR is research to obtain better and more safe patient care, more efficient logistics and better architecture of operating departments. Teaching is also an important task for FOR.


FOR is a center of competence for design of operating departments and today we have agreements with our industrial collaborators making it possible for the health care authorities of central Norway to realize such research and development.

The collaboration is multidisciplinary with close collaboration between clinicians, technologists, scientists and industry. FOR is a research platform where new prototypes can be developed and tested under safe conditions. The most modern medical equipment will be available at FOR.


FOR is also an example of how various professional disciplines and medical specialities can utilize the same equipment, areas and competence.

At FOR there is a possibility to perform a broad spectre of scientific work of multi-disciplinary character. Research is carried out by PhD candidates, scientists, students and clinicians. In addition several bachelor and master degrees are performed at FOR.


FOR is multidisciplinary and an arena for clinical research and development of medical technology with focus on: The patients of today - the technology of tomorrow.

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    FOR organization chart
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    Managing Director

    Jan Gunnar Skogås
    Operating Room of the Future
    St.Olavs Hospital
    Mobile phone: +47 982 80 585
    E-mail: Jan Gunnar Skogås



    Birger Henning Endreseth
    Head of Department of Surgery
    St. Olavs Hospital
    Phone: +47 728 28646
    E-mail: Endreseth

    Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes
    Head of Department of Institute of Circulation and Imaging, NTNU
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    Mobile phone: +47 930 28 341
    E-mail: Hernes 

    Jan Gunnar Skogås
    Managing Director
    St. Olavs Hospital
    Mobile phone: +47 982 80 585
    E-mail: Jan Gunnar Skogås


    Advisory Board - Scientific Advisor

    Torbjørn Dahl
    Associate Professor
    Department of Surgery
    St. Olavs Hospital
    Phone: +47 728 28024
    Mobile phone: +47 976 96 703
    E-mail: Dahl 



    Thomas Langø
    Research Director at SINTEF Health Research, Medical Technology
    Mobile phone: +47 909 62 913
    E-mail: Langø

    NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
    NO-7491 Trondheim
    Phone: +47 73 59 50 00 (switchboard)
    E-mail: postmottak@adm.ntnu.no


    HiST - Sør-Trøndelag University College
    NO - 7004 Trondheim
    Phone: +47 73 55 90 00 (switchboard)
    E-mail: postmottak@hist.no


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