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Self Assessment St. Olavs hospital EVALMEDHELSE 2024.pdf


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  1. Strategy for research in Central Norway Regional Health Authority 2016-2020
  2. National Strategy for Clinical Studies
    Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services
    Only available in Norwegian
  3. NorMIT
    The Norwegian center for Minimally Invasive Image Guided Therapy and medical technologies
  4. NorTrials
  5. "One patient - one record" - Helseplattformen AS
    Only available in Norwegian
    Journal system based on Epic
  6. Guidance for profit realization - "one patient - one record" - part 1
    Guidance for profit realization - "one patient - one record" - part 2
    Only available in Norwegian
  7. Clinical Academic Groups - CAG
    Only available in Norwegian
  8. Program for klinisk behandlingsforskning 
    National program for clinical treatment research in the specialist health service
    Only available in Norwegian
    Norwegian Cancer Precision Medicine Implementation Consortium
  10. NorCRIN
    Norwegian national research infrastructure body.
  11. Biobank Norway
    National biobank infrastructure for global research collaboration
  12. Gemini - Norwegian SciTech News
    Research News from NTNU and Sintef
  13. NTNU University Library
  14. Open Science
    Provides general information about open access and open data by Norwegian Agency for Shared Services in Education and Research
  15. Clinical Trials in the European Union
    Clinical Trials Information System (CTIS)
  16. Clinical trials in Norway
    National online health services in Norway
  17. European Medicines Agency
  18. Ethical guidelines for The Central Norway Regional Health Authorithy
    Only available in Norwegian
  19. Yearly statement on discrimination and equality for St. Olavs hospital
    Page 33-34
    Only available in Norwegian
Last updated 2/9/2024