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St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital, is integrated with NTNU and is owned by the Central Norway Regional Health Authority.

The main tasks of the Hospital are patient treatment, teaching of patients and their relatives, research, and education for health professionals.

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Outpatient Obesity Services.This is a specialist clinic for severely obese patients, both children and adults. Different relevant professions form a multidisciplinary team offering patient education and screeningm as well as preparations for and follow [...]

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Here you can read and fill in the form Agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure (PDF). [...]

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Need to see a doctor? Here below you'll find general information in English. Don't hesitate to go and see your General Practitioner. If you cannot find your GP or come in touch with the health service, then call 800HELSE on +47 800HELSE or +47 800 43 573.[...]

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The National Summary Care Record gathers important information about your health in one place. Kjernejournal is particularly useful if you need urgent medical assistance. Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik and Klæbu will test kjernejournal from autumn 2013. [...]

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Wireless Internet is available at this location. You can access the Internet with any device supporting wireless network, such as your PC or mobile telephone. To get access to the Internet you need the following: [...]

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Influenza occurs annually and affects a large proportion of the population. It is a major cause of acute illness and outbreaks often result in significant excess mortality. NIPH is responsible for surveillance of influenza in Norway, enabling us [...]

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Mineresepter.no is an online service offered by the Directorate of Health. Electronic ID (BankID) is required to log in. Read more about how to obtain access to mineresepter.no here. [...]

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The Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services (NOKC) supports the development of quality in the health services by summarising research, promoting the use of research results, contributing to quality improvement, measuring the quality of health [...]

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The Patient safety campaign aims to improve patient safety in Norway. The initiative is taken by  the Minister of Health and Care Services, and concerning both specialist and primary care in the period 2011 - 2013.  [...]

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Nuclear medicine is using radioactive pharmaceuticals in diagnostics and treatment of patients. Radioactive pharmaceuticals are usually administered through either a venous injection or as a capsule, and are then absorbed in the organ/tissue that the [...]

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The Cancer Clinic is located in the middle of the Gastro wing.Access via the main entrance Gastrosenter (Gastro South building) and the vestibule. [...]

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Hotel St. Olav is situated close to the hospital area Øya. Nearby is Nidelven with its riverside walk, which takes you all the way to to Bakklandet, Bybroen and Lykkens Portal. The old part of the city is bustling with life with many shops in a cosy [...]

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Maps in PDF to download over St. Olavs Hospital and the Central Norway regional health authority. [...]

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You can easily get to St. Olavs Hospital at Øya by train or bus. The closest train station to the hospital at Øya is Marienborg. It is approximately 35 kilometres from Trondheim Airport Værnes to the city. [...]

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St. Olavs Hospital has 19 clinincs and divisions from 1st January 2013, and a number of departments. Here below you'll find all the units listed with e-mail adresses (alphabetic) and the names of the heads.   [...]

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Thank you so much for your interest in working for us. Be so kind as to search for a specific job on the list below. The job vacancies are advertised only in Norwegian. [...]

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You are entitled to a reimbursement of necessary expenses incurred when travelling to and from healthcare appointments. The general rule is that you will be reimbursed for the cheapest means of public transport to and from your nearest treatment centre. [...]

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