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St. Olav's hospital has entered into an innovation partnership with VitalThings and DNV Imatis. Together we will create the solution of the future for measuring vital parameters. This should happen automatically, continuously and without contact. The opportunities that lie in existing and future technology, such as sensors, are many and to a small extent utilized in health. New solutions for measuring vital parameters could potentially be of great importance for strengthened patient safety as well as more efficient patient treatment and use of staff resources.

The competition phase is on!

Are you our partner who will develop an innovative solution for contactless monitoring of vital parameters together with us?

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Pre-qualification phase

All interested suppliers can now submit a request to participate in the tender. After receiving a request for participation, we will assess which suppliers we consider to be qualified on the basis of the qualification requirements. Only those suppliers who are qualified can be invited to submit a tender.

Autoscore is looking for suppliers who have the competence and experience to be able to develop a solution for contactless monitoring of vital parameters. In addition, the supplier must have relevant competence within health care, as well as experience with research and developing innovative solutions.

Important dates in this phase:

  • Deadline for asking questions about the qualification phase (in Mercell): 29 September 2021, 12:00
  • Deadline for request to be qualified (in Mercell): 11 October 2021, 12:00.
  • Client's assessment of applications, or possible rejections: Tentative week 42, 2021
  • Invitation to submit a tender is sent out by the client: Tentative week 43, 2021

Read the tender documents and ask any related questions in Mercell: Link to Mercell (in Norwegian)
Link to TED

Dialoguemeeting - compleeted

We invited companies and professional communities who wants to work with us to develop a technological solution that meets our needs for the future to a Dialogue Conference, March 24. The conference was conducted in Norwegian. Companies that wants to here it in English are welcome to join our Dialogue meeting;
Monday March 29, 13:00 - 14:30. 

If you want to join the dialogue meeting, please contact project manager:
Lisa Græslie
Phone: +47 454 74 742

Here is an overview of our needs (PDF)

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming Dialogue Conference:

  1. Identify and establish dialogue with suppliers with relevant expertise or existing technology that can be used to meet the needs for measurement of vital measurements automatically, continuously and contactless.
  2. Get input on identified needs and boundary conditions in order to create a good competitive basis for the procurement.
  3. Highlight markets in the healthcare sector with a need for accessible and user-friendly systems for measuring vital parameters automatically, continuously, and contactless.
  4. Establish contact and dialogue with other public actors - municipalities, universities, other public actors and the research environment - who need to develop a system for measuring vital parameters automatically, continuously, and contactless.

In 2020, St. Olav's Hospital applied for funding from Innovation Norway for the implementation of the procurement procedure "innovation partnership" and was selected as one of 8 companies that will realize the project within three years.

Innovation partnership is a new procurement procedure that was introduced in January 2017. The procedure will facilitate public activities together with one or more suppliers in the business sector to develop innovative solutions. Innovation partnerships will be used where there is currently no solution that covers the need and will lead to the development of a completely new solution or significantly improved solution compared to what is offered in the market today.

  • The procedure shall only be used for procurement of goods and services that are not currently on the market
  • Innovation partnerships are entered into through negotiation
  • Partnerships can be entered into with one or more suppliers
  • The actual development work must be structured in phases with sub-goals
  • After each phase, the client can, on the basis of the agreed sub-goals, terminate the innovation partnership
  • The contracts contain a call option


St. Olavs hospital is looking for innovative digital solutions to develop a technological solution that enables healthcare professionals to follow the patient's vital measurements without having monitoring equipment connected to the body.

Main goal: 
Autoskår will measure the NEWS Score (National Early Warning) and show trends for the individual vital measurements contactless, automatic, and continuous so that healthcare professionals can monitor the patient's condition at any time, and easily detect any deterioration in their condition.


The emergency department is completely dependent on optimal medical and nursing professional competence at the forefront to look after the patients quickly and do vital measurements to assess the severity. The number of patients at the same time varies throughout the day and we have a peak number of patients in the middle of the day. Then the number at the same time can vary from 20 to 40 patients. This makes it extra challenging to have optimal staffing. If the patient has to wait a long time before vital measurements are performed, it can in the worst-case lead to patient injury, or worst of all, death. Especially in situations with many patients at the same time, it will not be possible to provide good monitoring of all patients. It is worrying and carries an increased risk of overlooking exacerbations in the patient.

There is a need for a new technological solution that covers the need for immediate, continuous, and contactless monitoring of patients regardless of available personnel. The solution should be a combination of IT-systems that analyze clinical information obtained from the patient based on algorithms that have been entered, and sensors that wirelessly and automatically send data from monitoring selected vital parameters (e.g., blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation in blood, body temperature, signs of arrhythmia, altered brain activity, motor restlessness/altered movement pattern).

The new technological solution must be able to give notice in the event of a potential serious deterioration in the patient during the stay in the Emergency Room. A collection of measurements and signs that could be used as a starting point is the internationally validated and established scoring tool NEWS (National Early Warning Score). NEWS is based on vital parameters and is used in both primary and specialist health services. This scoring tool indicates how often the healthcare professionals should supervise and assess the patients and will help the healthcare professionals to see trends in the patient's development in response to initiated treatment. If a valid and stable technological solution is provided that can carry out these measurements at the correct intervals, including notification if there are relevant changes in vital measurements, it could be of great importance for patient safety and constitute a significant advance in the medical field.

Today's solution is resource-intensive because it is based on healthcare professionals with adequate competence having to connect monitoring equipment manually, follow up the measurements, analyze data, and then make an overall clinical decision. This often means that the time-consuming measurements are not carried out with sufficient frequency in contemporary conflicts. This challenges patient safety.

A new solution could ensure patients better monitoring even in situations with high patient occupancy and pressure on resources. In addition, the solution will be able to free up health personnel for other tasks that the technology cannot remedy. With the use of sensor technology, information about vital parameters can be immediately transferred electronically to handheld devices that the health personnel carry with them, and which means that they can quickly implement stabilizing measures in the event of deterioration of the patient's condition. In this way, Autoskår will be able to make it possible for healthcare professionals to monitor and have a continuous overview of all patients both in the Emergency Department. Such a solution could also be used in other parts of the health care system and industries that need monitoring of vital measurements.

Here is a mapping of our needs (PDF) ->

​Week 10
​Announcement of market dialogue at Mercell, DOFFIN, and TED
​March 22
​A list of registered participants will be sent to those who will participate in the dialogue conference
​March 24
​Dialouge conference
​April 19
​Deadline for submitting input notes
​April 28-29
​One-on-one meetings with suppliers

The input from the market dialogue will be used to further develop the needs description that will be included in the competition for the innovation partnership. Announcement of competition documents will tentatively take place before the summer of 2021.

The goal is for a development race to be initiated tentatively in the transition 2021/22. The schedule can be affected by what emerges in the market dialogue and during the implementation of the competition.

Participation in all or parts of the market dialogue is not binding for later offers or constellations of collaboration.
After the dialogue conference, St. Olav's Hospital will invite suppliers to participate in a one-on-one meeting. Suppliers who wish to participate in a one-on-one meeting are asked to submit an input note of a maximum of five pages by April 14. The input note will form the theme for the content of the one-on-one meetings. Opportunity to submit input notes and participation in one-on-one meetings does not presuppose participation in the dialogue conference on March 24.

The one-on-one meetings will be held during the April 21-22  2021. The meetings will be conducted via an online platform. Registration and questions for the one-on-one meetings are made via the communication module in Mercell (

Business-sensitive information shared in one-on-one meetings is treated confidentially.


St. Olavs hospital HF, University Hospital in Trondheim, is owned by Helse Midt-Norge RHF. The hospital has four core tasks: patient treatment, training of patients and relatives, research and education of health professionals. The hospital has just over 10,000 employees.

The hospital's activities include specialist health services in somatics, mental health care, and interdisciplinary specialized drug treatment. The hospital is located in Trondheim, Norway, but the hospital has operations in several geographical areas.

In this project, St. Olav's Hospital has entered into a collaboration with Malvik Municipality and the University Hospital in Northern Norway.


Other than questions about the dialoguemeeting, please use Mercell for further inquiries.

Please click on this link.

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