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Karen Walseth Hara

Implementing a transdiagnostic group-based occupational rehabilitation program for work disabled individuals...
Disputert: november 2019
Hovedveileder: Astrid Woodhouse

Julie Kristine Aasvik

Subjective memory complaints among patients on sick leave due to symptoms of mood disturbances, pain, fatigue and insomnia: Neuropsychological functioning and cognitive training.
Disputert: November 2017
Hovedveileder: Nils Inge Landrø, biveiledere Petter C. Borchgrevink, Tore C. Stiles og Astrid Woodhouse

Nicolas-Andreas Liapis Elvemo

Cognitive and neurophysiological correlates of chronic pain
Disputert: Februar 2016
Hovedveileder: Asta Kristine Håberg

Andreas Mellbye

Epidemiology of opioid drug use in patients with chronic non-malignant pain in Norway
Disputert: Mai 2015
Hovedveileder: professor Olav Magnus Søndenå Fredheim

Line Pedersen

Short- or long-acting opioids in chronic non-malignant pain: Which are better?
Disputert: September 2015
Hovedveileder: professor Olav Magnus Søndenå Fredheim

Henrik Børsting Jacobsen

Stress and absenteeism
Disputert: November 2014
Hovedveileder: Tore C. Stiles

Ingunn Pernille Mundal

Spatiotemporal aspects of pain in the general population; factors associated with the presence, development and distribution
Disputert: Desember 2014
Hovedveileder: Egil Andreas Fors

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