Norwegian National Network for Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases

The Norwegian National Network for Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases (NKSR) possess and convey knowledge regarding the time prior to, during and after pregnancy in women with rheumatic diseases.


Our primary task is to spread updated knowledge to other health professionals in all the different Regional Health Authorities in Norway, to ensure equal access to competent health services. We provide competency building and guidance for both the municipal health care services and the specialist health services, to other service providers, clients (patients and their next of kin) and the population in general.

NKSR is also a research institution, aiming to get further insight into the field of rheumatic diseases and pregnancy, and has issued a series of publications on the topic. NKSR has developed the nationwide quality register called RevNatus, which aims to optimize monitoring and treatment prior to, during and after pregnancy for women with rheumatic disease, as well as contribute to further research on the topic.

NKSR arranges yearly national seminars, as well as teach /lecturing on various educational programs. 

Both patients and other health professionals are welcome to contact us with any questions or if they want to know more about NKSR.

Contact information:

Phone number: +47 72 82 64 17
The phone is open Monday to Friday from 08.00 - 15.00

E- mail address:

Mail address: Postboks 3250 Torgarden, 7006 Trondheim

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